BattleShipple Game

Battleshipple is a strategic guessing game based on the Battleship. In this game, your task is to find a hidden enemy ship and sink it with three hits. Click on the dots to shoot and try to win in as few tries as possible! Every day a new battle is available. Play Battleshipple and feel like a real sea pirate!

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How to play BattleShipple?


At the beginning you will see a 5x5 sea grid divided into spots. Your task is to find where the opponent ship is hidden and sink it (requires three hits).


Tap any spot to start shooting.


If there is a red cross on the bottom side, then you made a mistake and the ship is somewhere else.


If you see the explosion icon, then you hit the target, and you need two more hits to sink the entire ship. Open spots next to damaged areas.


Try to sink the enemy ship in as few shots as possible, and share your best scores on social media!

Did you like BattleShipple Game?

Do you like Battleship? We are sure that you have played this game with your friends using paper sheets during school hours. Battleshipple is the perfect way to play alone. And all you need here is your logic and computer. Battleship is originally a pen and paper game that originated during the First World War. This game is still popular today because it helps to train the brain and have fun. It normally requires two players, but now its electronic versions allow players to play with the computer or alone. Following the viral popularity of guessing games like Wordle, Battleship has got its own new version. The Battleshipple differs from the classic Battleship in that you only need to sink one ship (always three tiles long), and a new battle appears once a day.